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2018. Governator vs. Hunter and Aggregator: A simulation of party competition with vote-seeking and office-seeking rules. (with Gijs Schumacher). PLOS ONE. replication materials

2017. "Why Dominant Governing Parties Are Cross-Nationally Influential". (with Tobias Böhmelt, Lawrence Ezorw, Petra Schleiter, and Hugh Ward). International Studies Quarterly. 61(4):749-759

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2012. Intra-Party Democracy and Party Responsiveness. West European Politics 35(6):1295-1319.
replication materials

Current Projects

Follow the (Foreign) Leader? Why Copying Foreign Incumbents is an Effective Electoral Strategy. (with Tobias Böhmelt and Lawrence Ezrow; under review).

Everything To Everyone? Not When You Are Internally Divivded. (with Nick Lin; under review).

Intra-Party Democracy and Policy Proximity to the Median Voter.

Prime Ministerial Survival: How Intra-Party Politics Depends on Inter-Party Politics. (with Mattan Sharkansky).

How Wise Are Crowds? On Determining the Limits of Citizen Forecasting. (with Andreas Murr and Michael Lewis-Beck).

Die "Sonntagsfrage", soziale Erwünschtheit und die AfD: Wie alternative Messmethoden der Politikwissenschaft weiterhelfen können. (with Thomas Gschwend and Sebastian Juhl; under review).

The Wisdom of Crowds Design for Sensitive Survey Questions. (with Thomas Gschwend and Sebastian Juhl; under review).


Minderheitsregierungen haben nichts mit Instabilität zu tun (Interview). Krautreporter 4 December 2017.

Minderheitsregierungen sind besser als ihr Ruf (with Thomas Gschwend). Spiegel Online 23 November 2017.

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